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Joseph C. Monastra

Joseph C. Monastra


November is Pancreatic Cancer awareness month. It is imperative that we raise awareness of pancreatic cancer one of the world’s deadliest cancers.  We need more attention, awareness and progress to help patients fight and survive this disease.

World Pancreatic Cancer Day / November 18, 2021   It’s About Time we all work together to increase awareness!  Wear PURPLE!  


The mission of this foundation is to engage in charitable, educational and scientific activities, including funding research, scientific endeavors and other activities, directed at eradication of cancer, specifically Pancreatic Cancer.


  • Support early detection research at John Hopkins Medical Institution/Sol Goldman Pancreatic Cancer Research Center and Emory University that includes genetic analysis of single pancreatic cancer cells and defines the molecular changes that underlie the moment of invasion in pancreatic cancer
  • Fund research which improves diagnosis, classification, and clarification of the molecular mechanisms of pancreatic cancers and focuses on the genetics and biological determinants of familial pancreatic cancer risk
  • Further promote advocacy and awareness through social media
  • Member of the World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition
  • Host fundraising events


Joseph C. Monastra passed away April 4, 2002 only four short weeks after being diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.  In honor of Joe’s memory, his family established the Joseph C. Monastra (JCM) Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research, a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization.   Money raised by the JCM Foundation supports pancreatic cancer research at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions and Emory University.

As a result of numerous fund raising events and our continued efforts throughout the years, the JCM Foundation makes a direct impact by supporting pancreatic cancer research.

The JCM Foundation supports the research efforts of Dr. Laura Wood, Assistant Professor of Pathology and Oncology and Dr. Nicholas Roberts at the Sol Goldman Pancreatic Cancer Research Center at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions.

For more information regarding the research the JCM Foundation has been supporting please visit the Research section of the website.

To learn more about the JCM Foundation fund raising events and how to become involved, please see how you too can Ways To Give.

2 Comments on “About Us

  1. Dear Cheryl,
    I am truly sorry, for the loss of your husband, and for the recent diagnosis of your own. I apologize that we did not reach out to you. We do our best to reach out directly to anyone needing assistance, so I again truly apologize. We’ve been having issues with our website, and our email. Our site administrator is currently working on resolving our issues. I will remove you from our contact list. Again, I apologize for your loss. I wish you all the best and a healthy recovery.
    JCM Foundation,
    Monica Monastra-Lodge, Treasurer

  2. Monica,
    Thank you and your family for doing the work that you have done over the years for pancreatic cancer research. Turning pain into progress is really the best medicine. There are many out there who truly appreciate your work and are not here to comment.

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